Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SEO Think Tank 2008

I am making multiple entries here, since I do not see a limit. Shoemoney, please choose one to be the winning entry.

1. I will offer my concierge services to all those in attendance, with a max. limit of 30 minutes per guest, so that I can be spread around evenly amongst the guests

2. I am a very experienced business owner that has helped multiple companies make millions of dollars online. I can contribute in a standard sense providing insight to both seo and ecommerce. Those that know me will tell you that I can find an answer to most any problem and can show you the difference between what works and what doesn’t.

3. I can provide a “30-second with Mr. E” platform
I am ideal for showing the potential strengths and weaknesses in almost any business idea rapidly, or can help the person to ask the right kinds of questions to elicit it from themselves.

4. I received word from perhaps the worlds most famous SEO (he speaks at all major conferences, trust me, you know him) that they biggest thing missing in his opinion
is the fact that talks are too short, and Q&A is not long enough, therefore, I propose to setup a Q&A tool which will collect all the questions from a meeting, and send them to the speaker, which the speaker can answer according to his desires and interests after the conference is over. I have a mechanism ready actually, and will disclose it if I win.
I am a walking thinktank, and my associates will gladly tell you.

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